Spanish chef Alberto Chicote and designer Enrique Barrera from In Design We Trust have woven sustainability into the very fabric of Omeraki Restaurant, leading the way in creating an environmentally conscious and creative culinary experience. Barrera believes that sustainable values should be inherent in a restaurant, hotel or any public space, without the need for overt communication. He believes that users should experience sustainable values emotionally, through the touch of organic fibres, the burnished lustre of Shou Sugi Ban (Japanese charred wood), the scent of old, upcycled ceiling beams, or the subtle intrigue of modern energy-saving technology. The collaboration between Omeraki and Roca further solidifies this commitment, as evidenced in the thoughtful integration of Roca's sustainable bathroom products into the restaurant's design. In partnership with Roca, Omeraki demonstrates a holistic approach to sustainable design. Every detail, no matter how small, contributes to a larger envirionmental ethos.

City: Madrid

Country: Spain

Architect: Enrique Barrera (In Design We Trust)

Category: Restaurants

Year: 2022

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Between tradition and experimentation, Roca aimed to express this innovative concept by shaping charismatic bathroom spaces. The innovative lines of the Insignia faucets and the Beyond basins were rounded out by the modern practicality of the Hotel’s accessories in a gloss metallic finish. The bathroom spaces of a restaurant need to live up to the creativity and prestige of its gastronomic offer but also to the intensive use of its visitors. The choice of these Roca collections made it possible to go further in terms of shapes while providing at the same time the latest technologies for savings –such as the Cold Start system of the faucets- or the more practical solutions for safety and durability of the accessories for public use.

Not surprisingly, the project by Sophia Sebti and Yachar Bouhaya Architectes had to combine the Asian fusion of the dishes with a modern restaurant facing the ocean that, as in all Casablanca, breathes the Arab and French culture. To achieve it, the Roca products were integrated in a bathroom space in which each piece, due to its shape and composition, is at the service of the senses. In honor of the importance of water and hygiene spaces in the Arab culture, the bathroom of this cosmopolitan restaurant was conceived as a space for beauty and wellbeing. With this in mind, not only did Roca provide sophisticated designs and materials, but also efficient, resistant and functional solutions.