Roca celebrates the grand opening at COLOURLIVING with a green note that reflects the brand’s Mediterranean origin. ​ Transform the Mediterranean way of life into urban living with our exclusive premium fixtures.

An icon reborn​

A century-old Spanish brand, Roca has long been associated with being and traditional. This has all been rewritten in recent years as the brand has strived to establish a younger, fashionable image with a character in keeping up with the times, breaking through the inherent framework of traditional old brands.​

The new Roca concept store is inspired by the European piazzas, employing an olive-green shade that emphasises the blending with nature, giving people a stylish and energetic feeling. It echoes Roca's closeness to nature and its leisurely Mediterranean origin. We hope that customers can also transform the idea of the European villa lifestyle into their urban living. ​

Exclusive products ​

The store carries exclusive products and colour variants you won't find at other retail locations, as well as exclusive bundle deals and first-release products. The new store is also fully integrated with our online store and all products can now be purchased online, bringing customers a seamless, hassle-free O2O shopping experience.