The organic, all-white space showcases a broad range of chic, innovative and eco-friendly bathroom appliances and accessories, including toilets, washbasins, baths, cabinets, as well as tiles and coverings, for the urban society. Designed by excellent interior and product designers around the globe, Roca’s high-quality products satisfy people’s needs and desires, while providing creative solutions to improve bathroom experience in the modern days.

In the belief of ‘Roca Loves the Planet’, the space demonstrates how green concepts, excellent design, and high technology can seamlessly integrate into the contemporary lifestyle. With the aim of achieving sustainability, Roca’s products are sophisticatedly designed to minimize water and electricity usage with the latest technology.

Also, RocaConcepts is dedicated to providing its customers with excellent care. From detailed and user-friendly instructions to attentive and efficient after-sales service, it secures an extraordinary experience for its users in every way.
RocaConcepts is more than an ordinary store. It is an interactive concept store to experience the harmonious bathroom space created by Roca and to share its vision of a better, greener future.