How to change an old Roca seat and cover

You can change the seat and cover of an old Roca WC in little time and without needing sophisticated tools. Get a new cover in a few minutes.

There are different reasons to change an old Roca seat and cover. It might be damaged due to intensive use or you may simply wish to replace your current cover with a more modern piece that includes a soft-close system or is manufactured in Supralit® antibacterial resin. If this is your case, you will be happy to know that Roca has developed a very simple system to help you replace the Roca Victoria WC cover or the Roca Dama WC cover, just to mention two of the most iconic models, in just a few minutes.

To change the cover of a Roca WC, first you need to know the name of the model to be replaced. For some years now, Roca has been including the name of the collection on the back of the cover itself, but your WC might be older and this might not be the case.  Here you will find information on how to identify the cover of your Roca toilet as the first step to renovate your seat.

Once you find the new cover, you only need to install it. Below you will find a very simple tutorial video showing all steps to be followed. Check how easy it is!