Are you terrified by the challenge of shaping your small bathroom? Take a look at the extensive catalogue of Roca products and find every key to your renovation.

The renovation of small bathrooms is no longer a problem, it is really an opportunity, thanks to smart solutions or lots of character. As a small bathroom is always larger than it appears to be, discover that a narrow furniture unit can provide all the space you need or that a compact toilet perfectly fits into your bathroom. Choose products that help you make the most of the space and at the same time make it look much bigger, without sacrificing the design of a space that matches your personality.

Wall-hung toilets

The first thing you need to decide in the renovation of small bathrooms is where to place the WC. That is why wall-hung toilets are a safe bet due to their small size and the visual spaciousness they provide.

Choose a compact model like Meridian or take a step further with Inspira, which not only has a reduced depth but also includes Roca’s latest features, such as Supralit® toilet covers with antibacterial treatment or a Rimless design to make cleaning much easier.

Compact bathroom furniture

As small bathroom furniture can surprise you due to its storage capacity, discover the Roca collections with the most demanding dimensions.

In up to four different finishes, Debba Compact offers a reduced depth of 360 mm and solutions with double doors or two drawers, while Mini cuts back the width of the unit to 250 mm and offers the option of combining it with a cabinet mirror where you can store even more toiletries.

White tiles and bathroom mirrors with lighting

If you wish to make your small bathroom seem bigger, surely you know that you need to enhance brightness. A good way to do it is by installing mirrors with upper lighting like Eidos or with perimeter lighting like Iridia.

If you decide to cover your walls with white bathroom tiles from Roca’s Whites collection, you will see that light beautifully reflects on them, and if by magic, your guest bathroom will seem even larger.

Tailor made shower trays with sliding or fixed enclosures

In a small bathroom you will never be able to install a King Size shower tray, but there is room for multiple square or rectangular floor-leveled solutions that can make the most of any centimeter if you opt for a corner installation. With attractive finishes and anti-slip base, you will find the Cratos vitreous china shower trays or the Terran resin models. If you prefer extraslim shower trays in white color, you can choose the pleasant touch of the Modo shower trays in Solid Surface or the lightness of acrylics of the Neo Daiquiri collection.

As a complement that is both functional and decorative, discover the Mistral fixed enclosures with incorporated stainless steel towel rail or the Line panels with black profile that may include a swing panel to avoid splashing. And do not forget the sliding doors of Ura or Naray, which will help you renovate the bathroom without masonry work as they can be installed with adhesive.